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Siena was beautiful and we got to see some really awesome art, political, and church history while we were there.

The basic purpose of the trip seemed to be art.  I am in art history and really am starting to appreciate art.  I have never been that into it, but it is starting to make an impact on me.  The frescos (big wall paintings) were amazing & I really enjoyed seeing them all.  Here are a few pictures of some of the frescos we saw!

Inside the Cathedral

The pulpit in teh Cathedral 

My absolute favorite part of the trip was seeing the frescos in the Town Hall (Palazzo Publico) of the good and bad government.  It was beautiful and so symbolic of what would happen if a good or bad government was in control.  I was amazed that the paintings were made so long ago and were still so moving.  I wasn't allowed to take pictures, but here is a picture from our class PowerPoint.

Bad Government
Good Government 
In front of the Town Hall

The Cathedral 
I saw the actual head of Saint Catherine in the San Domenico Church.  That was quite odd, but interesting.  I'm not a huge fan of seeing dead people's body parts, but the meaning behind it was cool.  We also experienced beautiful fresco of Madonna & Child in the Town Hall and got to go in the Cathedral, which was breathtaking.  My pictures don't do it justice at all.  The paintings and floors and pulpit and everything are so symbolic of the life of Christ or the saints.  I really enjoyed learning about the saints.  I am a Southern Baptist Christian, so we don't have saints.  Catholicism apparently has one for just about everything.  It is interesting to hear about them and their believed purpose/powers.

Here is my group in front of the Town Hall of Siena!
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