Sunday, January 13, 2013

Italian Language

I've come to recognize that the Italian language is often able to be understood without much instruction.   I don't understand full sentences, but I'm grasping a enough to get an idea of what they are saying.  It is a pretty language and I wish I was fluent in it.  I am excited to learn a language I can speak and use on a daily basis.

My italian professor is hard.  She doesn't speak English during class unless we are completely lost.  This is helpful, but difficult.  The other day I learned how to introduce myself:
Mi Chiamo Samantha ---------- My name is Samantha
Sono Americana ---------- I am American
Sono di VA Beach ---------- I am from VA Beach
Abito a Firenze ---------- I live in Florence
Sono Studentte ---------- I am a student
Parlo Inglese ---------- I speak English

I think that's right.  Sorry if I spelled something wrong, I'm still learning.

I'm hoping to catch on quickly so I can use the language without having to stop every two seconds to think of how to say, "I don't speak Italian."  I get so flustered when people speak to me in Italian, but I'm happy that I have friends in the program that are really good with the language and are happy to help me out!

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