Thursday, January 10, 2013

I made it!!


I am so happy to finally be in Italia, the travel portion was horrible.  I officially hate getting to Europe.  I flew Norfolk to NYC, NYC to Rome, and Rome to Florence.  It was a long trip and I didn't get much sleep, so that was difficult.  The only good part about flying is the view from above.  Here's a picture I took on my flight from Rome to Florence.  If you squint you can see the Alps in the background with snow on them.  Pretty cool, huh?

So far I am loving Florence.  It is so beautiful & pictures don't do it any justice.  It is disappointing becauase I will take a picture and then look at the monument/scene and notice it is just not the same.  Here are some of the pictures I have taken so far!

This is the view from my window!

This is the Ponte Vecchio!

And again!

The Carousel 

Piazza Della Republica 


Yet again!

Palazzo della Signoria

Those are just a few of the beautiful buildings and places I have seen so far.  The food is delicious, except for my first meal.  That was nasty.  It was Filetto di arringa marinatta, which apparently translates to nasty uncooked fish.  Here's a picture: 


All of my other experiences with food have been awesome though.  I don't understand how any Italian is thin, and they all are.  It's crazy.  At dinner I have to ask for "un po" (a little) because I can't eat as much as they (my host home).  I am not living with a host family, but do get to eat 4 meals a week with them!  We have a bowl of pasta to begin with, then comes the meat and veggies, then as dessert we have fruit and nuts with coffee.  Every meal is served with "vino" (wine) and water.  We have to mix the wine and water because it is so strong.  Well here are some pictures of the food I've had so far!

Ciara and I at the restaurant! 

My first pizza from Gusta Pizza across the street.  Best pizza I have ever had!

Finally about where I am staying!  I have an apartment within a flat in the Palazzo Capponi with a roommate, Christina!  She's great.  I also have 7 other people that I live with.  I seriously love them all.  I eat at a home stay - the Marconi family.  They have a dog, Gina, and she's awesome.

Here is Gina!

Well, ciao for now! 

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