Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bucket List - Places

Confession: I constantly calculate how may days I have until I take off!  67!!

I figured since it is getting so close to my departure, I should probably make a bucket list for places to visit, things to do, etc. while in Italy.  I'm going to split this into a few posts.  The lists are for my reference so I don't forget what I want to see, but if you've visited any of the places or done anything on my list PLEASE let me know how it is.  If it's not worth seeing, then tell me that also.  I only have but so long to explore!

1. Rome
This is pretty obvious.  I have to see the Colosseum, and make a wish in the Trevi Fountain!  We will be taking a weekend trip to Rome, so I'm not too worried about crossing this off my list.

2. The Leaning Tower of Pisa 
I've been told to visit, and of course I'm going to have to get a picture holding up the tower.  Clearly, this picture is way cooler than the one I'll have.

3. A Vineyard
I'm in Italy.  I have to.

4. The Alps
I don't need to climb them, but I do need to take a picture of them and be able to say I've set foot on the Alps.  I've heard they are beautiful.  I mean just look at this picture!

5. The Italian Riviera 
I've heard this is the playground for the rich and famous.  I obviously belong (yeah, right)!  Really though, I've read reviews about the beauty and this website recommends sampling a "Tintoretto" cocktail.  

6. Venice
I have to ride in a gondola.  It's sad that I don't get to do so with my love, but a good friend will suffice in this circumstance.  (Or Randall can come to Italy... *hint*hint*!)

This is my list for now.  Anyone have additions to make?  I have never been, so I don't know all the awesome hole in the wall places/cities.  Inform me!!  I love comments.

*All photos taken from Pinterest

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Woah!  75 days until I board a Delta flight from Norfolk, VA, heading (eventually) to Firenze!  Is this real life?  I am feeling so excited, blessed, stressed, and anxious all at once!  There is so much to get done, but I'm ready to get on that flight and go!

Who knew how expensive flights could be?  Luckily I found a deal on Student Universe.  $1125 roundtrip.  Not too bad.  I do have a few connecting flights, though at great times.  I start by boarding in Norfolk on January 7th at 1:45pm, land in New York at 3:08pm, wait for 2 hours and 47 minutes (enough time for a quick shopping trip in the city? I wish!), board again, and end up in ROME at 8:10am Tuesday morning.  I finally get to Florence at 10:50am.  That gives me a great amount of time to unpack before our festivities begin that evening.

Photo found here!

While I've been on plenty of planes, I can't say I've ever taken one over the Atlantic Ocean, or even to another country for that matter.  Is there anything I need to think about with regards to this?  Any advice for a lone world traveler?  That makes me sound cooler than I actually am.

These past two weeks I've been working on my Visa requirements.  There's quite a bit to it, but I'll be done soon!  All I'm waiting on now is my bank letter.  I was so stressed last week about it, but the Lord is taking care of me.

Photo found here!

Now for the exciting part - classes!  I know... I'm a total nerd, but I love that I'm studying in another country.  Not everyone gets that opportunity.  These are the classes I'm definitely taking!

  • Italian Renaissance Art (ARTH 313)
  • Dante's Commedia, Selections from Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso (ENG 302F)
  • Internship and Field Experience in Education - middle school in Florence (IDLS 486F)
  • Exploration of Wine Culture in Italy (HM 361)
  • Elementary Italian (ITAL 101F)
I'm most exited for the field experience in education course and the wine culture course.  I was thinking about taking another class online, but I don't think I want to overwhelm myself while I'm in the beautiful country of Italia!  I want to enjoy my time exploring rather than doing homework.

What was the best class you ever took in high school or college?  Why was it your favorite?



As most of you know I am studying abroad in Florence, Italy next semester.  I am having my LAST fundraiser right now!!  It will end THIS SUNDAY.  The fundraiser is a Thirty-One Fundraiser online! 

It is the simplest thing ever! All you have to do is go to Then you will click on "My Parties" on the right hand side. Next click on "Samantha Boyd's Study Abroad Fall Fundraiser" and "Shop Now." So simple and you are helping me tremendously while getting an awesome product.

Those of you that help me out will get email updates at least once a week while I am abroad!  Please give me your email address so I am able to add you to my list!

Thank you again for all of your encouragement and support.  Prayers and happy thoughts are very helpful as well!

Samantha Boyd

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