Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break

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It is hard to believe I set foot in four different countries over spring break! I can't say it was spring weather though. I left Italy last Friday, stayed in Germany for 3 days, England for 3 days, and France for 2 days. I am now on the flight back to Italy. It has been a whirlwind of a week, but a great one nonetheless. If I were to give you a play-by-play of the week you'd be reading this for hours. So to preserve your sanity I will narrow it down to my top five experiences in each country. 

Top 5 experiences in Wiesbaden, Frankfurt, and Mainz, Germany:
5) The language - It is like they transform a whole sentence into one word. 
4) Trying for hours to get into the apartment we were staying in (my friend's cousin's apartment) just to find out we had the wrong door. 
3) The delicious food - I was missing meat and Germany certainly had a lot of that. 
2) Thai Massage - Lindsey and I stumbled upon a cheap massage place in Mainz & decided to check it out. I had never had a Thai massage before so I wasn't expecting them to climb on top of my back. I have to say it was great though. 
1) Our accidental trip to Frankfurt - We missed our stop on the train to Mainz, so we just stayed on until we hit Frankfurt! It is very unlike me to be ok with something like this, but this experience is certainly teaching me to be flexible. 

Top 5 experiences in London, England:
5) The Generator - This was my first experience in a hostel and I loved it. It reminded me of a dorm and it was a great hostel to stay in. It was clean and the staff was very helpful. 
4) English - I can't lie; being able to speak English and have everyone understand me was glorious. It had been a month and a half since I had that luxury and I missed it. The accents are great, too! 
3) Fish and Chips - I was a little apprehensive before trying this specialty, but knew I had to do it. I'm not a fan of fish, but the cod we had was great. It wasn't too fishy, so I definitely enjoyed it. 
2) The London Eye - We got to experience London from up in the sky. It was beautiful at night, but I would love to do it again during the day. What was so great about this was the group we were in. The people in our pod consisted of couples trying to have romantic dates & families with hilarious boys running around ruining the dates. It really made me miss my brothers, but the boys cheered me up after having to run to The Eye in fear of being late. They were also the second group of people to mistake me as Canadian while in London. I am still confused about that. 
1) Warner Brothers Studio Tour - HARRY POTTER! I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to get to see the real set where Harry Potter was filmed.

Top 5 experiences in Paris, France:
5) Walking around - It was fun to walk around at night and experience Paris after dark. We followed a Travelocity App walking tour (download it if you're traveling - you can use it without wifi) through the highlights of Paris. 
4) Breakfast - I clearly have a problem talking about the food in every country, but I can't deny my love of food. We had breakfast just across from our hotel both mornings. It was a delicious, authentic, and huge French breakfast including a croissant with jam, 2 slices of baguette with butter, fruit, tea, water, and orange juice. It was great. 
3) Eiffel Tower - I was excited to go up the tower & besides the freezing weather it was great. We went all the way to the summit and got to see all of Paris with just a walk around the top of the tower. 
2) The Catacombs - This was beyond creepy, but I enjoyed the odd experience. I can now say I've seen thousands of skulls in just an hour. 
1) Crepes galore - I had way too many Crepes in 2 days: two chocolate with banana, one chocolate with strawberry, one just chocolate, and one with strawberry jam. That's ridiculous, but I have no regrets. I can now say I have found my desert of choice. 

I can't believe I got all that - and more - done in one week. I am so blessed to have this experience and it wouldn't have happened without each of you. Please know you are beyond appreciated. 


P.S. "Baci" means "kisses" in Italian. Instead of writing "love" at the end of letters they use "baci". 

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